Green Griffin Transcripts specializes in transcribing General,
Business and Medical Transcription.  Everyone here at Green Griffin knows
what their job is -- deliver first class service, every time, without exception.

Our Team's commitment has always been to provide high-quality transcripts
and have hassle-free and on-time delivery to our clients.  Transcriptions must
be highly accurate and must often conform to time constraints and deadlines.  
We take the precision of our work seriously and are highly accurate in our

Green Griffin Service is for Organizations, Groups and Individuals who
value their time and want to use this to do things that are more important.

We say Time is the most precious commodity in the world, and we offer you the
time-freeing solution of outsourcing your transcription needs to us so you can
do other things that are more valuable to you or more profitable to your

Green Griffin Team produces for you Highly Accurate transcriptions.
Accuracy is never compromised in our book.  We are meticulous with research,
format, grammar and punctuation in the documents we do.  We give special
attention to jargons and names you dictate.

Our team of transcriptionists and editors are sticklers for producing intelligent
transcripts and are prodigious researchers and information junkies.
Our Business
Transcriptions are delivered to you on the time you want them.
Our expertise is delivering it to you in the fastest and most convenient way for
our clients.

We offer rush and regular delivery of transcripts.  We do it faster because we
have the right equipment, people and process specifically geared for producing
transcripts.  We have been in the transcription business since 2002.       
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Save Time and Money NOW!
Free yourself and your staff to do things that
will maximize productivity and profit at a
minimal cost.
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Feel free to contact us from
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST
Monday - Friday
24/7 email support provided to all clients
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Affordable rates
starting from $1.25 per audio minute.
No Hidden Charges.
Green Griffin Transcripts
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