Services We Provide
We specialize in transcribing all types of digital audio files quickly and
If you have an Internet connection, you can easily send your audio files for us to
transcribe. We also work with webcasts, links, FTP sites. And if you like
sending your CDs via post to our office, you can do that, too.

Our experience spans various specialties, topics and industries. Below are
some of the work experiences we have:
Boardroom Minutes, Product Launches, Focus Groups, Brainstorming
Sessions, Business Teleconferences.

Doctoral Research Studies, Grant Projects, Interviews, Focus Groups,
Writers’ Notes, Academic Lectures, Religious Sermons, thesis

Quarterly Conferences, Earnings Report Calls, Financial Roundtables,
Road Shows, Analyst Calls.

Congressional Hearings, Congressional Budget Discussions, Senate
Finance Meetings, Defense Agencies, Political Think Tank Groups,
Public Policy Groups, High-Powered Political Speeches and

Radio shows, television, advertisements.

Market Research
One-on-One Interviews and Focus Group Discussions.

Advisory Boards, Symposium, Conferences, Breakout Sessions,
Roundtable Discussions, Medical Reports and Summaries of Clinics
and individual Doctors.

Depositions, Recorded Phone Calls, Motions, Interrogations, Letter
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Transfer Medical and Mission Critical audio files by:

  1. Sending your files  via our secure
    File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site.
  2. Linking of your Clinic/Hospital Server
    to our HIPAA compliant Green Griffin
    Transcripts Server upon written
    approval of all parties concerned.

Medical and Mission Critical Transcripts using the client's prescribed
format can only be sent via FTP or direct load to the client's server  to
comply with HIPAA Rules and Regulations. Please note that agreed turn
around time is based on the specialty of the subject matter.

Promotional Rates
Focus Groups Discussions
$1.25 per audio minute.
Limited Time only
Interested? Email us at:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Student Thesis Interviews?
5% Student Discounts.
Limited Time only
Interested? Attach your Student ID copy
when you Email us at:

"I was just reading through the  
transcript and I wanted to tell you
how impressed I am, again, with the
quality of your work.
Not only are the transcripts neat,
clean and extremely accurate, the
consistent way in which you
correctly spell so many unusual
names, places, etc. is fantastic.  An
extra measure of thanks to you and
your transcriptionists for your high
quality work!"

- Rose S.
Washington, DC

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