Our Team
Our Transcriptionists, Editors and Quality Assurance Checkers are a mixed
pool of highly-skilled and motivated individuals.  We work as a team and make
it a point to select people whose interest lie in the various topics and industries
we handle.

Our transcripts are great because our people love what they do and are experts
in the transcription topics we assign to them, whether they are educated and
have a passion for business, politics, art, pop culture, current events, religion,
academe, media and many more.  Being  happy campers at work, we truly
believe you will notice how the flow of transcripts are logical, readable and the
quality just marvelous.  

We are information junkies and superb researchers who pretty much know the
ins and outs of the Internet when doing research.  And because of our
of editing and proofreading, this means that your transcripts and
reports have undergone detailed grammar, punctuation and logic checks,
which other transcription companies often miss out on.

Medical transcripts are handled only by medical transcription professionals
and whose experience in the medical transcription industry allows them to
handle various specialties and types of reports.
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We have an Information Technology Officer to help
with any of your I.T. queries and concerns.

Our support staff makes sure that all systems are
seamlessly running 24/7 and that there be no
downtime both for our transcriptionists and while
receiving and submitting your files.
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