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Levels of Detail for Business and General Transcripts
For business and general transcripts, we found that our clients have varied
levels of detail depending upon the purpose of their project.  We present these
three options:
Cleaned Transcript
Anything superfluous to the content will be ignored, including most non-
verbal sounds, stuttering, incomplete sentences or false starts.
In many cases, we would also edit the text to remove incorrect
grammar or slang words (editing “yup” into “yes”).

This style is often used by those publishing their transcript, such as in
the case of a conference lecture or a Congressional hearing, book
authors. These are what we call “clean transcripts.”

Near Verbatim Transcript
This could include sounds such as laughter, slang words and
improper grammar, some superfluous speech and some indication of
unfinished words or stuttering. However we would not transcribe every
"umm" or "ahh" from the speakers.

This level of detail is used by our clients who require accurate
recordings of their subjects, yet are not studying exact speech patterns.
These would usually be for focus group discussions, one-on-one
interviews or any free-wheeling discussions where respondents’
nuances are important for the client.

Verbatim Transcript
We will transcribe everything that the speakers say, including
superfluous speech such as "umm", "ah", "you know", and nonverbal
sounds (laughter, sighing).

This level of detail is usually required only by researchers interested in
speech patterns.
Can you handle big and small

We want your business and will do
everything to accommodate your
needs.  No project is too big or too
small for us.  Whether you are an
individual, a small business or a big
company, we have a capable staff
and can increase our capacity for
those extra large projects on an as
needed basis.
Email us with any
questions you might have regarding
your project.

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